We invest in providing quality services
... with dedication to the needs of voluntary organizations / NGOs and society.

Services to members


We offer a wide range of tools and training materials that can be adapted to the needs of NGOs. Contact us!

Infrastructure & equipment

Our member organizations can utilize, without any charge, the multipurpose conference room and the technological equipment, for organizing various activities.

Promoting NGOs

  • We implement information campaigns and programmes on volunteering and the work of NGOs.
  • We also display information for NGOs in print and electronic media, on websites, etc.

Consultation & Guidance

We offer consulting services and guidance on an individual or group basis in methods and good practices in various fields: strategic planning and administration, office organization, financial management, fundraising, evaluation of programs and services, volunteer management, technology, process planning, etc.

European Affairs Service

We operate a European Affairs Service to monitor European developments, support and inform NGOs about EU opportunities.

Training/Capacity Building

We invest in the systematic training and development of the human resources of NGOs with training programs, through our accredited Training – Development & Research Center

Information/News Service

We operate an Information/News Service to disseminate information on legislation, policy measures, grants, etc of interest to NGOs.