The business sector supports the work of the PVCC, NGOs and the needs of society, with a variety of actions:

  • Supports PVCC’s campaigns and activities
  • Provides training, consulting and technical guidance
  • Supports NGOs with equipment and service provision
  • Supports the work of NGOs
  • Develops and implements innovative social actions
  • Initiates employee volunteering for social causes
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Εταιρικός Εθελοντισμός/Εταιρική Κοινωνική Ευθύνη

Χρήσιμοι Οδηγοί
  • Οδηγός Εταιρικού Εθελοντισμού για υλοποίηση δράσεων Εταιρικής Κοινωνικής Ευθύνης – CSR Cyprus
  • How employees can organise private volunteering initiatives taking place in their own free time – A Workbook – CEV
  • Team building events for staff based on volunteering – A Workbook – CEV
  • How to organise a volunteer activity alone or with colleagues during working hours – CEV