We enforce a dynamic operations system made up of polices, processes, regulations and protocols. This system, which safeguards transparency and good governance, is constantly evolving, to respond to new challenges and needs from both the internal and external environments.

Strategy for NGOs


  • Promote the values and principles of the voluntary sector and highlight the benefits arising from its contribution to socio-economic development and cohesion
  • Create an enabling socio-economic environment for NGOs
  • Enhance the skills/competences of the human resources of the voluntary sector/NGOs.
  • Support the structures of voluntary organizations/NGOs
  • Protection of NGOS from illegal fundraising.
  • Strengthen the participation of NGOs in dialogue and consultation processes at policy-making level.
  • Promote research and development for NGOs
  • Promote corporate social responsibility and employee volunteering
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the private and the voluntary sector/NGOs
  • Promote the principles of transparency in the voluntary sector/NGOs

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Complaint management

  • Complaint management Policy
  • Complaint management System

Personal data protection

  • Privacy Policy
  • Personal data Policy

Codes of Conduct/Good Governance

Safety and Health at Work

  • Safety and Health at Work System

Staff/volunteer management

  • Internal regulations for staff recruitment and selection of volunteers
  • Internal regulations for the introduction and management of staff and volunteers
  • Standard forms, staff worksheets, etc.

Sustainable Development Goals

Policy on Sustainable Development Goals


  • Policy for the respect and protection of the environment

Safety of volunteers

  • Protocol for Volunteers in times of crisis (COVID-19)
  • Health and protection policy for volunteers
  • Security Policy for Volunteer Missions
  • Security and evacuation management plan for missions
  • Standard Operating Procedures Manual – for volunteer safety

Equal Opportunities

  • Policy on Equal Opportunities – Against Discrimination

Anti-abuse policy

  • Zero Tolerance Policy on abuse

Volunteer Centre

  • Volunteer Centre Regulations
  • Regulations for volunteers in hospitals
  • Protocol of Procedures for Campaigns in Support of Vulnerable Groups
  • Protocol for the Management of Volunteers in times of crisis (COVID-19 pandemic period)
  • Emergency Management Protocol (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.)