We identify the needs of voluntary organizations / NGOs and invest in solutions, either through special actions, or with the cooperation of the state and the competent authorities. The primary objective is to ensure a more favourable operating environment that promotes the development of organisations and volunteering in general.

  • We give a voice to voluntary organisations/NGOs and volunteers

  • We promote the participation of NGOs in the decision-making centers of the state and PVCC’s collective bodies

  • We map and promote the needs of NGOs to the competent bodies of the state

  • We represent the needs of NGOs and volunteering through our participation in Parliamentary and Interdepartmental Committees as well as meetings with the state

  • We develop actions to support and empower volunteers and NGOs

  • We develop cooperative relationships with the private sector to support NGOs

  • We ensure that the policies and measures of the state, as well as the external environment, offer a more favourable environment for the operation and sustainable development of voluntary organizations / NGOs.

  • Mapping the needs (we map the needs, of volunteers and  NGOs and promote all necessary action in collaboration with governmental bodies and the private sector).

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