The institution of the Elders’ Parliament actively contributes to social reflection and to the promotion of the various problems faced by the Elderly in Cyprus.


  • Active contribution to social reflection and promotion of the problems of older people in decision-making centres.
  • Joining the forces of organised groups from the broad spectrum of civil society, to strengthen, among other things, pluralism.
  • Strengthening the active participation of the elderly and participatory democracy.
  • Recognition and utilization of the contribution and accumulated experience of the elderly.
    Collective promotion of the issues of the elderly through the podium of the House of Representatives.

The 1st Session/Assembly took place in 1999, on the occasion of the proclamation by the UN of the International Year of the Elderly. The Summit was organized by the Nicosia District Volunteerism Coordinative Council, in order to contribute to the goals of the International Year. Since 2001 the Parliamentary Assembly has been organized on a pancyprian basis by the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council.


  • It consists of 56 ‘MPs’, representing pancyprian organized groups.
  • It is coordinated by a Coordinating Body.
  • The issues discussed by the Elders’ Parliament are handled by the Health and Social Welfare Committees.
  • It meets once a year in the House of Representatives, under the chairmanship of the President of the House of Representatives.
  • Members of the Legislature, Executive and other observers participate.
  • The findings of the Sessions are promoted to the Executive and the Legislative powers.
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